"I just want to tell you what I experienced on my trip back from Bali. I was loaded down with hand carry...my computer, books, framed paintings...heavy actually. It took me 36 hours to get to Tucson, a lot of airport waiting. A lot of walking. And my back never felt the usual fatigue...at all. I was tired, but my back was fine. I suspect Alexander had a lot to do with that.

Plus my husband sees the difference in how I sit and stand. I wasn't expecting to actually feel the difference. And honestly sitting and standing how you taught me is more comfortable than my old crouch was. For the first time in my life it is not an effort to stand up straight. Go figure. At 63!!

So thank you Andy. I don't exactly know what you did...it was so benign, really. Magical!"

Ginia - Artist, Bali