"I had long wanted to take up the Alexander Technique due to the recommendations of friends and my sister, who found it the only solution to her back problem after trying every alternative. When I got the opportunity to learn from Andy, I found that the technique fulfilled its reputation.

I'd received treatment from a chiropractor over several years for skeleto-muscular problems specific to my body, including a skewed spine, narrowed shoulders and jutting shoulder-blades. Then after learning Alexander my chiropractor was astonished to find that with just a few months I had what he called a "normally-shaped back" and that my spine was "now much more straightforward to adjust". He added that the aches I felt were "ordinary computer-related tension" rather than the chronic individual ailments I'd had before. To me this was proof that Alexander Technique can restore a painfully wayward posture to a normal, manageable state.

I have had over 20 hours' instruction, but I already experienced positive changes within just a few sessions. After around ten sessions my posture had changed dramatically for the better, though I recognise that it requires periodic tune-ups and lifelong awareness to maintain the gains. I now find the techniques and observational skills that Andy taught to be instinctive. I am more comfortable in an Alexander posture than I ever was before. I sit better at a computer, rarely slouch, carry things more carefully, walk with breeziness, and feel fewer aches in problem areas such as my knees, back, neck and jaw. My swimming strokes became more balanced and efficient, to the extent that I now tend to swim twice the distance before tiring than I did before.

I find Andy a calm, clear, confidence-building presence. He doesn't force or intimidate, but instead guides through light physical encouragements, allowing me to realign without stress. From my experience with people who heal using energy, I sense some of that innate gift in him, though that has yet to be verified. I appreciate his knowledge of the technique's history and variants, and admire the fact that he is conscious of the responsibility of working in a lineage just two removes from Alexander himself. I have recommended the Alexander work and Andy to others and will continue to do so."

Philip Cornwel-Smith,
Editor - Time Out
Author - "Very Thai™ : Everyday Popular Culture"